The hallmarks of our writing service are thoughtfulness, consultation and responsiveness.

In every piece of writing, we develop a clearly stated theme and present your information in a logical, easy-to-read sequence. At all stages, we work with you to produce writing that effectively communicates your message.

The process begins with a firm quotation, taking into consideration any information you have given us and whether we need to conduct any research.
For complex tasks and larger projects, we issue a quotation after an initial meeting at which the desired message, available information and workflow is discussed.

Copywriting is usually charged at a rate of HK$6 per word of final copy.


Responsiveness to your suggestions is the mainstay of our writing. We write a first draft according to an agreed-upon schedule and make any necessary changes after receiving your feedback. The number of drafts is decided at the initial meeting and is dependent on the complexity of the project and your needs.

Project Management

When undertaking large projects, we have the experience needed to implement comprehensive workflow management and quality assurance structures. You’ll know what we’re doing, when and why we’re doing it and the project stage we’ve reached.

With experience on large projects using content management systems, multiple document delivery by email and the exchange of hardcopy documents, we:

  • Establish initial style guidelines
  • Develop exhaustive style and usage guides, where appropriate
  • Coordinate our editing schedule with your writing schedule
  • Implement documented workflows
  • Undertake quality assurance
  • Respond rapidly to feedback

Other procedures can be included on request.
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