Editing Services

Mastery of the written word is what sets academics apart from all others who toil to shape ideas. We know the precision with which you’re expected to express concepts, present data and draw conclusions. That’s why our editors are experts in your field and enhance your message with academic integrity.

We help academics throughout Asia and beyond publish in top-tier international journals, gain funding through convincing research proposals and start their careers as thought leaders with carefully argued theses and dissertations. We work on papers from all fields, and the quality of our work has earned us industry-wide respect. We focus on improving documents in a number of areas:

  • Language
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Style
  • Spelling
  • Standardisation of terms
  • Clarity
  • Fluency

Tracked Changes

When we edit in Word, we use the Track Changes feature, which allows you to see everything we have done and accept or reject our changes individually, by section or page, or for the whole document.

File Type

We can edit in all file types, including Word, LaTex and PDF. However, editing is much more efficient if we can use a Word or LaTex file. This allows us to edit electronically, rather than by hand. If we work with a PDF, then we must print the document and hand write the edits, making it much more difficult for you to incorporate the changes.

If you have the LaTex (.tex) file, we can open that in Word and edit it using the “Track Changes” function. We will be careful not to touch any of the LaTex code, meaning that you can copy the finalised document back into your LaTex editor.

Of course, if you would prefer not to send the Word or LaTex file, we can work on the printed PDF instead.

Standard Editing

Our most popular service:

  1.   Your document is assigned to an editor with expertise in your field.
  2.   The first editor performs two thorough read-throughs of your document, correcting grammatical errors, re-phrasing awkward sentences and clarifying the content.
  3.   Your document is then reviewed by a second, senior editor who clears up any outstanding issues and ensures publication quality.
  4.   We return your document by 10:00AM on the due date you choose.

Premium Editing

This service gives an opportunity for more client-editor communication. Premium editing involves four steps:

  1.   The first round includes the full standard edit. Additionally, we comment on lapses in logic, confusing passages and other language issues. We return this first round to you on your chosen return date.
  2.   You then make any further changes necessary, responding to our comments and making your own as necessary to explain things we might have misunderstood. Please keep the Track Changes on when you are making changes to our edited document.
  3.   Return that document to us to check your revisions.
  4.   We will address your comments with changes where appropriate and give short written replies to each comment. We’ll return the final edited document to you within 4 days.

Extra Services

Journal Formatting

We understand the requirements that differ between each field and journal. We can conform to those requirements for our clients. Adhering to APA or Chicago Manual of Style requires 20% additional time (thus an equivalent surcharge), while adhering to specific journal guides requires 30% additional time (thus an equivalent surcharge).

Editor Report

The Editor Report is available for a flat fee for those who would like to improve their writing. This report outlines the key grammatical and stylistic areas of your writing that would benefit from improvement in future.

Editing Certificate

Provided free-of-charge when requested, you can send the Editing Certificate to your target journal as proof that your paper has been edited by a professional English language editing service.


We treat confidentiality very seriously and in our long history have never disclosed any client information. We can supply a confidentiality agreement if requested, and we are happy to sign your own documentation to provide peace of mind.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

If you don’t alter a manuscript that we’ve edited, and it is rejected by a journal on purely English language grounds, we will offer to re-edit it free of charge.