We’ll give you return options when we send our quote. If you’d like to see what options are available beforehand, please enter your document’s word count into our approximate cost calculator.

When we edit your paper a second or further time after preliminary submission to a journal the quote is based on the word count and the amount of editing work required, and is thus generally less than the original price.

Standard Editing is by far our most requested service, but if you’d like to engage more with the editing team, commenting on their work and having them implement further changes according to your feedback, then Premium Editing may benefit you.

Our preferred method is to convert Latex files to Word documents that can then be edited with the changes tracked. We don’t touch any of the Latex code,so you can copy the text back into your Latex editor afterwards. Of course, if you’d prefer we can also work on the hard copy printed PDF.

It maybe possible to reduce the word count a little within the scope of Standard Editing. An extra cost is likely for larger reductions.

Yes, we can format papers in line with APA and Chicago, or any specific journal guidelines if you can send us a link.

All of our editing involves two read-throughs by the initial editor and then a final check by an experienced senior editor who provides feedback, if necessary.

Our guarantee is that if you don’t alter a manuscript that we’ve edited and it is rejected by a journal on purely English language grounds, we will offer to re-edit it free of charge.

Pricing and Payment

Rather than quote an averaged dollar per word figure, we determine our prices after analysing your document. The figure may therefore be different to the average, guideline price produced by the website.

Most full-time faculty members who supply all contact details are able to pay for regular projects on completion.

We accept cash, cheques, bank transfers and payment by credit card and PayPal. We also receive payment directly from many university finance offices, if you are able to pass on our invoice.

We invoice in HK$, CN¥, US$, SG$, NT$, KR₩, €.

We offer discounts for large-volume work and in other circumstances, which you can read about at our Loyalty Schemes + Discounts page.

Yes, we can credit your account to offset against future editing.

Submission and Document Management

Please just email it to support@ahediting.com or send it through our submit document form.

To make it easier for you, we’ve developed a sophisticated system based around your email address(es), so there is no need to create an account with us. Simply send your document to support@ahediting.com, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our editors are all native English speakers, educated mainly to the postgraduate level, most from top-ranking research universities.

We are open all year except 25 December, 1 January and the first day of Chinese New Year.

Yes, our administrative and sales staff speak both Cantonese and Mandarin. As well as the Livehelp button on the website, we also have Wechat, QQ and Skype accounts, the details of which you can find at our contact us page.