AH Editing - Communicating IT Achievements with the University of Hong Kong

Communicating IT Achievements with the University of Hong Kong

In 2010, we were asked whether we could work on the Annual Report of the then Computer Centre at the University of Hong Kong. With a chief concern that we could communicate its activities and achievements without being distracted by the technical nature of the material, the Centre also wanted us to standardise the styles of various writers and ensure that they had all shaped their contributions in line with the University’s overall strategic goals.

After meeting with senior staff at the Centre, we completed the work to everyone’s satisfaction, prompting the newly renamed Information Technology Services office to repeat the project in 2011 with an additional feature – we were tasked with writing the executive summary and director’s message. Displaying our skill at summarising complex documents, keeping large reports on-message and adding value to all writing that we receive, we’ve continued to work on the ITS Annual Report in the intervening years.

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