AH Editing - A Critical Mission for HKIEd

A Critical Mission for HKIEd

Aware of our high-quality work for the HKIEd Communications Office, in January 2014 the Institute’s Registry contacted us with a request to edit a critical set of documents with a very short turnaround. This was no ordinary task – the documents were reports on an institutional review and three separate discipline reviews for undergraduate programme area accreditation in Environmental Studies, English Studies and Chinese Studies.

With each document running over 100 pages in length and written in different parts of the Institute, standardisation of style and terminology was critical, as was the clear elucidation of the Institute’s vision and goals. We nevertheless completed the project in just over a week, responding to feedback as soon as it was received and ensuring the best quality written outcome. The Registry was so impressed with our work that it engaged us to edit the Institute’s Quality Assurance Manual in stages from 2015 to 2016, and to revise parts of it after the birth of EduHK.

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