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There at the Birth of EdUHK

Tertiary education institutions are increasingly enhancing their public relations efforts as stakeholders ask for greater accountability and the public becomes more interested in the social outcomes of academic research. This was particularly true of the Hong Kong Institute of Education as it broadened its academic base in pursuit of university status. In June 2010, AH Editing was selected by tender to help with the HKIEd’s public relations through a one-year contract to edit daily press releases, press invitations, citations for honorary fellowships and doctorates, and the Annual Report.

The various tasks involved adherence to the HKIEd’s style guidelines, rapid turnaround, quick responses to feedback and a keen understanding of how education and related fields are shaping Hong Kong. The Communications Office was, and remains, extremely pleased with our work, and we’ve won repeated two-year contracts since. A particularly rewarding part of our efforts has been the work we did in the lead up to the HKIEd being renamed the Education University of Hong Kong in June 2016. Ensuring that all external and many internal messages about the renaming were expressed in just the right manner, we were proud to be there at the birth of EdUHK.

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