AH Editing - Spotlight on Excellence for the CityU Department of Biology and Chemistry

Spotlight on Excellence for the CityU Department of Biology and Chemistry

As an emerging department spanning two fields in which research frontiers are rapidly expanding and teaching methods evolving, the Department of Biology and Chemistry at the City University of Hong Kong realised the need for a promotional brochure in 2011. The idea was to showcase the Department’s research and teaching achievements, highlight student excellence and activities and give visitors a sense of the scholarly community that had been created. With a reputation at CityU for high-quality services, AH Editing was approached to take on the task.

We first met with departmental representatives to understand the project’s scope, and then developed a work plan. A crucial early element of our work was editing the profiles of all academic staff members, which required sensitivity to both the importance of individual research and the need to develop a distinct departmental style. We wrote the remainder of the 54-page brochure, drawing on the existing departmental flyers and website, internal reports, university reports, reports published by the CityU news service and press articles. With the work completed we showed our flexibility by incorporating new information into existing sections at the last moment, rounding out a successful project.

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