Loyalty Schemes + Discounts

At times, delivering value lends itself to different forms of volume discounts, contract structures and other innovative options.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with clients about their needs and how we can best work together to support them in achieving their goals, and we are open to discussing options for discounts based on a contracted volume of work either individually or by department.


  • Loyalty coupon – with each invoice, we’ll issue you a loyalty coupon that can be redeemed for any work within the next 3 months.


  • Referral – refer us and we will offer a 10% off of your next job with us.
  • Departmental – if your department hits pre-set volumes, all members will get a discount the following year.
  • Sole editor – appoint us the sole editor for your journal, department or faculty, and all members benefit from a 10% discount.

Word count discounts

Theses + Dissertations


Contact us at support@ahediting.com or submit through our website to get your free quote now .